Single Row Crosses Roller Slewing Bearing

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The single row crossed roller bearing is composed of two seat rings, which design in compact structure and light weight; this single row crossed roller type slewing bearing has the steel roller for the rolling element, not for the steel ball. As the rollers are 1:1cross arranged, it is suitable for high precision mounting and capable to bear axial force, resultant moment and considerable large radial force. The axial and radial clearance is smaller than single row ball slewing bearing. The rotating is not so flexible as the one row ball bearings, usually it use for some higher precision applications.

Our single row crossed roller slewing bearing ring's axial and radial clearance’s precision is high.

Single row crossed roller ring bearings are mainly made of 50 Mn, 42CrMo and C45.

The single row crossed roller bearing has been widely used in many applications:  military product ,automation machinery, robots ,medical equipment , radar equipment , tank ,grinding machine and drilling machine.