Slewing Ring Drive

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Slewing drive has reverse self-locking because of worm gear drive with reverse self-locking characteristics. This feature greatly enhances the stability of the host operating and safety factor. Compared to the traditional swing products, slewing drive gearbox is easy to install, easy to maintain, and saves considerable installation space.

Slewing drive is a perfect motion control product for the application which requires rotational torque strength.

Slew Drive For Solar: it is designed in solar photovoltaic panel rotation and improves power generation efficiency. Single axis & dual axis solar tracking solutions are available. Power Jack Motion slewing drive for solar tracking system application include solar Concentrator Solar Dish, CPV (Concentrated Photovoltaics), CSP (Concentrated solar power), solar parabolic trough, PV tracker  .For wind generators: Slewing drives are used to rotate the pedestal in wind turbines  .Slewing Drive for Construction Machinery Application: widely applied on mounted truck crane, aerial working platform, Dock Crane, Timber Grab. For Industry Market: Automation/Assembly line, robotic arm,For Satellite: slew drive can be used for space communications and global positioning systems in satellite dish