Crane Slew Ring

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Large diameter slewing ring bearings are critical components in many applications. Military applications include tank turrets, missile launchers, communication antennae, precision radar antennas, and gun mounts. Common commercial applications include aerial lifts, hydraulic excavators, boom cranes, and tunnel boring machinery. Large bearings for these applications are not only expensive to buy, but typically require lead times ranging from two months to a year or longer.

Since the bearing is so critical, careful maintenance is necessary. More than 96% of slewing ring bearing failures are due to surface-originated lubrication problems, contamination, overloading, and improper installation and mounting fits. These surface failures occur much earlier than classical fatigue failures and are less predictable.

Slewing ring bearing life is calculated assuming infinitely rigid and flat mounting structures. A structure that distorts significantly under load, and/or one that is out-of-flat, applies loads to localized areas rather than evenly distributing them. This causes permanent deformation in the local area, leading to early failure.

External Gear Slewing Rings for Excavators

49000 Open Type
15mm 7002ctrsump3-nsk

China Factory Tower Crane Spare Parts Slewing Rings Bearings

Open Type Steel
103 2000

Hot Sale Hitachi Ex200-2 Excavator Slewing Bearing, Slewing Ring

182 mm 200 mm
25 N/mm² 100 mm

China Manufacturer Sany Excavator Slewing Bearing for Sany Excavator

85mm Open Type
19.9 Light

Hot Sale Excavator Slewing Bearing, Slewing Ring for Hitachi Ex200

180.0000 mm 3700 rpm
84.00 mm 70.000 mm

Slewing Bearings Ring for Caterpillar Excavator

19000 N 30.00 mm
0.60 mm 20.000 mm

High Quality Truck Trailers Turntable Slewing Ring

2.51 Light
In Stock 70000

Single- Row Ball Slewing Ring Bearings Series

170mm 104
Standard 7000

Truck Trailer Bearing Turn Table Slewing Ring High Quality

400000 N 3.00 mm
1.00 mm 300-RDM Series (from

Four Point Contact Slewing Ball Bearing Rings with Internal Gear

0.75 lb 1750 lbf
3.5625 in 0.7813 in

High Quality Excavator Swing Ring Slewing Bearings

0.02 KGS Open Type
7100 In Stock

China Manufactured Slewing Bearing for Wind Turbine

110 6028zz-timken
Standard 5600