Triple-Row Slewing

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The triple row roller  slewing bearing has three row raceway, the rolling element is steel roller. This structure could bear the heaviest load comparing to other structure bearing type. Usually the triple row roller slew bearing is used for some heavy duty machinery. Three-Row Roller Slewing Ring is equipped with seat-rings, upper orbit. Neither orbit and radial orbit is separated individually, it makes the load of each row of the rollers can be confirmed, making it can undertake all kinds of different load simultaneously. Three row roller slewing bearing's carrying capacity is the biggest among four models and the axial and radial size are rather large to some extent, the structure of the three row roller slewing bearing ring is very firm.

Triple  row roller slewing bearing is mainly made of 50Mn, 42CrMo, C45. The triple row roller slew bearing has been widely used in many applications:

7 inch slewing drive SE7 with hydraulic motor for construction machinery

1.00 mm 204000 N
2.50 mm 229000 N

25 inch enclosed slewing drive, slew drive for solar tracker

269 mm 231.3 mm
58.46 mm 5 mm

12 inch precision slewing drives PE12 with motor for single axis pv solar tracker

13.9 mm 3 mm
1890 kN 177.250 kN

SWING CIRCLE Of Excavator S420LC-V

3100 rpm 200000 N
225000 N 100.000 mm

6 inch vertical slewing drive VE6 for Solar tracking system

8 133.35 mm
210 mm 368.3 mm

9 inch open housing slewing drive , worm gear slew drive

3250 N 24000 rpm
15.000 mm 11.00 mm

MTO145 Four-Point Contact Ball Slewing Ring/ Turntable Bearing / Slewing Bearing

70.000 mm 4000 rpm
74100 N 2.00 mm

420LC-V excavator spare parts slewing bearing slewing circle slewing ring with P/N:109-00161

112 mm 3 mm
1 000 min-1 840 min-1

fast delivery Slewing ring Bearing STO-265T

No Shield, no Seal, 4800 rpm
53900 N 6300 rpm

High Quality CRBF 3515 AT UU Crossed Roller Bearing for Robot Machinery

110.0000 mm 54.00 mm
96500 N 4300 rpm

323Dexcavator slewing ring bearing for hot-selling models with P/N:227-6082

2800 rpm 0 rpm
38.00 mm 160.000 mm

excavator slewing bearing

100 N/mm² 1 mm
92 mm M 56x4